1. This codes are made by me and i have tested all of them before posting them here.
  2. Please do not steal / misuse my codes.
  3. All my codes gives shiny Pokemon with max 255 stats for HP, ATTACK, DEFENSE, SP.ATTACK, SP.DEFENSE, SPEED. 
  4. Most of my codes gives a lv 1 Pokemon coz my Pokemon levels up extremely fast due to poke-virus and it acts like a traded Pokemon in terms of gaining EXP...
  • save your game before you use the code.
  • If you are using an Emulators such as NO$GBA or so, make sure you backup your SAVE FILE as you do not want to loose your previous game.
  • Since my code replaces the 1st Pokemon in the party slot, so use a lame Pokemon to be replaced.
  • For better result use a single Pokemon party which needs to be replaced as it gives better results than a bad egg.
  • Using multiple codes will cause the game to crash so please deactivate other codes while you use my codes.
  • After using a code, and the code had worked successfully, please delete/deactivate the code and save your game and backup your save file if you are gonna use more codes. 
  • In case if you are getting a bad egg, then do a hard reset and by doing so, your previous game is restored removing the bad egg. you can retry the code once again if you do a safety check like saving the game and backing up the save file before the activation of the code.
  • If you looking for the pokemon X/ Y rom or the latest Emulator to play the roms, Click here.
Please let me know in case of a bad egg or faulty action replay code, i will try to rectify it ASAP.

ThankX in Advance


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